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The joy that comes from giving has been a saving grace for the West family and they are so excited for this upcoming event! In June 2017 Amazing Gracie’s Legacy is hosting her first annual bike giveaway to honor the siblings of special needs children! AGL can’t help but think of the siblings, as we provide love and support to those families with special needs children. Siblings deserve honor and recognition, too. They deserve a party. And a party is what they shall have! If you know of a sibling deserving of a bike and a party, I hope that you will encourage their family to apply to be a part of our 1st Annual Amazing Gracie’s Great Bike Giveaway! 

Be sure to hurry, time is running out! 

The party is June 11, 2017 

DEADLINE TO APPLY:  May 20, 2017

Bike Giveaway Registration