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Please JOIN US on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at any of the listed MOD Pizza locations and dine in to support Amazing Gracie's Legacy! MOD pizza has so graciously offered to help us raise money to support our Amazing Gracie's Holiday Express this year and you can help! In fact, we need YOU not only join us, but encourage others to do the same!

Please share this with as many people as you possibly can, repost it on your pages. Print off flyers and distrubute them at work and at school. Invite friends to like us and RSVP to this event! On the day of your fundraiser, our AGL supporters MUST present a printed or digital version of the flyer to the cashier for Amazing Gracie's Legacy to receive 20% of your purchase.Online orders will NOT be counted towards your fundraiser.You must come into the restaurant or call ahead in order to participate in the donation.Join us at any of the following locations: Kirkwood, Cottleville, Ellisville, Maryland Heights, Lindenwood, Parkway Commons and Ladue locations!


2nd Annual Amazing Gracie's Holiday Express


Amazing Gracie’s Legacy non profit organization provides Christmas for families that aren’t able to provide it for themselves due to the challenges of the current health status. We want to make sure each member in the selected families gets a Christmas that, even if just for a moment, takes their mind off the stress of their situation. The 1st Annual Amazing Gracie’s Holiday Express was a special time for us as well as our families. We look forward to many more opportunities to bring Christmas to those that might not otherwise get to enjoy it.  Click on photo above for the application form or copy and paste the following to your browser. 



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