Amazing Gracie's Great Bike Giveaway


Being the sibling of a special needs child is just that...special. Sometimes the focus on the special needs of one child can leave something lacking for the others. Amazing Gracie's Legacy understands that and wants to celebrate the courage, patience and understanding 

of those siblings of special needs and critical care children. And, what better way to do that than to give these children a bike of their own. Because riding a bike is part of childhood. The freedom and excitement that comes with having a bike is a treasured memory.

And, why not make it a party!?!??! That's right! We throw a party for the recipients and their families in the park, where they will not only pick up their bike. It's a party, remember? So, imagine...DJ music, stunt bike riders, face painting, a balloon artist, a photographer, food and drink...and we don't forget the ice cream! It's always  one heck of a party and it keeps getting better each year!

The Amazing Gracie Great Bike Giveaway is done in memory of Amazing Gracie Lynn West who thought the world of her siblings Isabella & Gavin, and recognized their sweet tenderness and understanding of the focus being on her.


We are so excited to answer all your questions about how you can become part of Amazing Gracie's Legacy through Individual/Corporate Sponsorship and Volunteer Opportunities

"Live Life With Grace"