About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Amazing Gracie’s Legacy is to make a difference in the lives of families affected by the critical care needs of one or more of their children. In support of this mission, we focus on serving the needs of those families that were able to provide for themselves before critical care was needed due to unforeseen health circumstances. AGL supports needs not covered by existing programs, that are of an urgent nature, or serve a purpose otherwise unmet. It is our goal to support these families to maintain a balanced family unit where all members needs are met.  

Our History

 In May of 2016 Amazing Gracie's Legacy was created in honor of Gracie Lynn West who gained her angel wings on April 30, 2016. Our wish was that through her legacy we take steps in making the world a better place through Random Acts of Kindness, including, but not limited to funding and gifting others.  

Our Volunteers

 We have an incredible board and group of volunteers that meet in love and dedication for our sweet Gracie for the planning and delivery of the services and support of Amazing Gracie's Legacy.


Jody West

Mom of Grace Lynn West

Founder of Amazing Gracie's Legacy

Biography- COMING SOON!

Chris West

Dad of Grace Lynn West

Biography-COMING SOON!

Emilee West

Godmother of Grace Lynn West

Biography-COMING SOON!

Julie Grana


Tony Scalzo


Judy Buehner



Rena Peterson